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What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept wire transfers and checks.* If paying by check, we do not release the title and vehicle until the check has cleared.* Credit card and online payments (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle) are only accepted for the vehicles down payment and are not accepted for the full purchase of the vehicle. If you attempt to pay for the full price of the vehicle through our website with such a service your transaction will be cancelled. 

*wire transfers are instant and title and bill of sale ship next business day
*checks often require 7-10 business days to clear before documents ship

Do you finance?
We offer NO in-house finance options. We are able to provide sales agreements for you to secure your own financing through banks and credit unions. Additionally, we can recommend lenders who specialize in antique/collector car financing to buyers with exceptional credit.

Do you take deposits?
Yes. We take a NONREFUNDABLE deposit of at least 5% and are willing to hold the car for up to 30 days. This is a fast moving business and it is unfair for us to hold a car to have that buyer back out while missing other sales. Therefore, our deposits are NONREFUNDABLE. If that is an issue for you, please wait until you have all available funds to purchase the vehicle. 

How do I buy out of state?
Most of our business is done sight-unseen. Once you find a car you like and we agree to a price, the basic format is as follows. You send us a payment. Once payment clears, we fill out the title and have it notarized (Pennsylvania is a notary state), and we fill out a bill of sale. We send you pictures of both and mail them to you with a tracking number. Once you receive the title and bill of sale, you register the vehicle in your home state and are responsible for paying any associated fees. Then we wait on shipping. 

How do I ship my car?
We have shipped cars all over the world and are happy to help with any type of shipping. We have several companies that we work with and are happy to facilitate shipment of your new car! Please remember, when it comes to shipping, you get what you pay for. The cheapest quote will most likely get you the worst experience. 

Can I have an inspection done?
Yes! We encourage 3rd party inspections. We also welcome any buyer to come in person to inspect their potential purchase. We work with  several inspection companies and are happy to recommend one. 

Do you offer warranties?
NO. All of our vehicles are sold where it/as is with absolutely with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. There are 3rd party companies that offer warranties on antique vehicles and are happy to work with them, but nothing is offered in-house. 

More questions?
Please call 724-771-5170 and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have about your purchasing experience.